New Mexico Red Chile & Aged Wisconsin Cheddar Cheese Quail Tamales 1/2 Dozen Per Order

October 22, 2021  | By admin

New Flavor of our Famous Quail Tamales. Hand-Wrapped. No Lard, Gluten Free, No artificial colors or preservatives. Quail, Chicken New Mexico Red Chile and Aged Wisconsin Cheddar Cheese. These are some of the best packaged tamales you can find anywhere, and they are even better because they have the best Quail in the country in them. 1/2 dozen per pack. They ship frozen. Easy to heat: Microwave 1 – 6 tamales for 1 to 3 minutes or steam 12 to 25 minutes to reach an temperature of 165 degrees. Remove corn husk prior to eating. 6 Tamales per order.