How Our Quail is Produced

Texas Quail Farms is a vertically integrated agribusiness, which means we are involved in the entire production process, allowing us to control quality throughout every step of our operations, from egg to finished product. With hatching, growing and processing facilities in Lockhart and Luling, quality and safety are stressed under the watchful eye of own experienced team. We are the only state-inspected quail processing facility in Texas.

From Hatchery to Product

Our breeder hens lay eggs that are collected in the breeding facility and taken to our hatcheries, where they are put in incubators. When the eggs hatch, the chicks are sent to grow out facilities to be raised to maturity. The birds reach processing weight in eight weeks. Our plant produces a variety of products ranging from whole to semi-boneless birds, including specialties like bacon-wrapped breasts and legs. After manufacturing, TQF products are kept on location in storage until a customer needs them.

Our Feed

Our all-natural feed is specially-formulated for our quail, and packed with protein, vitamins and minerals to produce high-quality and healthy birds. We do not add growth hormones or antibiotics to our feed or water.