Ordering information:

  • All orders are shipped Frozen
  • Orders are shipped via FedEx (Ground and Express)
  • Quote will include shipping, foam container, and cool packs
  • One case minimum on all orders
  • All orders are shipped Monday through Wednesday unless otherwise requested and approved
  • Orders shipped outside of Texas will only ship on Monday or Tuesday unless 2nd day or overnight shipping is selected.

To place an order use the cart below or email: orders@TexQuail.com

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Jumbo Whole Quail    |   $42.50

12 Jumbo Whole Quail 6-7 oz. each.  These are about 20% larger than our regular Whole Quail.


Smoked Quail – 6 Whole Quail    |   $35.00

6 Whole Quail – Oak Smoked and Fully Cooked Whole Quail.  These quail are smoked by the oldest BBQ Joint in Texas – South Side Market and BBQ in Elgin, TX.  These quail ship frozen, and they are packed in a convenient boil in bag for easy reheating.

Orders of 2-3 packs will be $29.75 each, 4-6 will be $26.25 each, orders over 6 packs will be $22.75 each at checkout.


Holiday Gift Pack 2    |   $80.00

8 Semi-Boneless (2 packs of 4 quail each)

8 Quail Boneless Breast Medallions (1 pack of 8 Breast)

2.0 lb Bacon-wrapped Quail Breast


Holiday Gift Pack 1    |   $110.00

12– Semi-Boneless (3 packs of 4 quail each)

16– Quail Boneless Breast Medallions (2 packs of 8 Medallions each)

3.0 lb Bacon-wrapped Quail Breast


Semi-Boneless Quail    |   $80.00

We remove all bones except the drummette of the leg and the wing bones. Size 4-5 oz. Our best selling product.  1 case = 24 quail


Texas Quail Knots    |   $80.00

1/2 semi-boneless quail with wing removed and drumstick pulled through boneless breast, skin on, boneless except for drum stick, 1 case = 48 knots


Whole Quail    |   $60.00

Completely whole All-Natural Tx Quail 5-6oz., 1 case = 24 quail


Boneless breast    |   $70.00

All-Natural TX Quail- Skin-on boneless breast- double lobe, 1 case = 48 breast

Orders of 2 or more cases of Boneless Breast will receive a 10% discount at check out.


Leg / Thigh    |   $100.00

All-Natural Tx Quail leg/thigh with thigh bone removed, 1 case = 120 leg/thigh


Bacon-Wrapped Quail Leg / Thigh    |   $105.00

Texas quail leg/thigh wrapped in Applewood smoked bacon; 5lb per case approximately 70-75 count


Bacon-wrapped Quail Breast    |   $82.50

Texas quail breast wrapped in Applewood smoked bacon; 5lb per case approximately 50-55 count